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This archipelago which is close to Morocco is one holiday location


As the capital town of Canary Islands, Tenerife is among the most popular sites in the world for tourist.

That’s the reason why there are more than countless people who visit the area every year. It isn’t simply the gorgeous beaches, nor the Mount Teide volcano, the trekking adventure and water parks and zoos who have captivated these tourists. It’s the adventure of a life being in a safari in the sea.

What is in Tenerife that has enticed people to see?

Atlantic Ocean shared with its most precious secrets around its southern coast as Tenerife supplies that great experience of seeing whales and dolphins in their natural habitat which has enthralled visitors to come. Considering these fauna live in this beautiful oceanic surroundings throughout the year, when you see, you will surely take that experience with you and there is no chance of overlooking them.

How to Enter the trip?

To take pleasure in the whale and dolphin experience, you need to set off on a boat trip to get to where they’d likely appear. All these are supplied when you take a dolphin and whale watching tours. Why is it more remarkable is your chance to be up close with lesser crowd. In addition, tourists are supplied with snorkeling gear and swimming gears in order to observe turtles also in their natural environment which reveals the actual character of the sea creatures.

Last Ideas

Spending the best vacation you could probably have in life together with your spouse or the entire household is a second shared that will stay in one another’s hearts. Add to that the spectacular encounter with marine life in its natural environment can allow you to see a much better perspective of our planet where we all reside in.

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